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This lead to: saluting the Canadian flag, defecting to Canada, crossing the bridge into Canada, taking the tunnel to Windsor (from Detroit, Michigan, USA), it's hockey night in Canada (This expression is similar to the US pre-game question, 'Are you ready for some football? Not pregnant: Don't need to rewrite the will this week.') Washing machines have cycles, so there is a set of descriptions involving rinse and spin. 'I was hoping for a light load on gentle but got jeans on heavy duty.' I think WC Fields referred to it when he described a woman who should be forgiven because her washing machine was broken. Came dangerously close to the gene pool but am currently toweling off.I still think of Modess and Midol sometimes when Scott Joplin's name comes up in conversation.

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Business section meant ordinary, funnies meant an unusual period, and Parade (a very small section) meant a panty liner. PMS was getting ready to do the NY Times crossword.

This led to headlines for the section; most of these were references to other terms you have already included.

Ragtime music got a similar treatment in that it started out as just that phrase but became more varied and less direct.

Mom knew more of the musicians and writers, so we just guessed when she mentioned someone new.

I showed her where we kept the stash and told her to use what she needed.

The next day we went out on the lake in small, inflatable rafts.

We were still trying to push off from the beach while both curled up in the fetal position laughing.

That made our butts drag on the sand so we had even less chance of getting the raft launched.

If an MD had met one woman who didn't have problems, he (there weren't many women doctors then) was certain that the rest of us must be mentally ill.

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