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A professional, educated guy will marry the receptionist if she's funny and hot. I doubt it.edit: This wasn't clear in my post, but I was speaking for myself. :)From the age of 18 onward, I selected on a quirky combination of intelligence plus subjective cuteness.

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It aired from 1976 to 1978 and then went into syndication.

Barris’s other game shows included (1984), in which he claimed that, in addition to producing game shows, he had worked as an assassin for the CIA during the 1960s.

Other women, particularly other moms, are the worst about it.

Maybe the receptionist is also going to school and this is how she's paying for it.

My wife is a corporate lawyer and gets a lot of flak for working long hours, especially from family. Painting in broad brush strokes, men tend to find that when they get married, society reinforces their career ambitions.

Women tend to find that when they get married, society chips away at their career ambitions.

It may quite well take a village to raise a child, but in practice for most people there won't ba a village to do so; One person shouldn't have to sacrifice the rest of their life, but more likely than not one you will have to do that; and while I can agree that 'no one should be staying home full time while the other is at work all day' and Scandinavian countries have very nice results with such policies for both parents, in USA most people will be forced to choose between either that or poverty.

So, to answer the question, you're stating "clearly the answer should be b" ... clearly the answer should be b I didn't say that it should be B, I'm saying that unfortunately it is B.

Of course there are exceptions, but most US college grads are about as well educated as typical Finnish high school grad.

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