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Below is a list of commonly dated sample types and potential problems.If you require detailed information about a specific pretreatment method or have questions about a particular sample type, please contact us.

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Purpose: to establish the nature and rate of landscape evolution by determining the relative or absolute times when soil or rock surfaces where exposed by erosion, deglaciation or tectonism; constructed by deposition or tectonism; or exposed at the surface prior to burial by sediments or extrusive rock.

Relative (floating) age: is known only with respect to other landforms or surfaces; the chronology floats in time until referenced to an absolute date.

The headspace gas is extracted and cryogenically purified before conversion to graphite powder for AMS analysis.

Please contact the lab for instructions on collection and packaging.

More information on reservoir effects can be found here.

We date the dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC) fraction of water which is separated using phosphoric acid following the method of Gao (2014).

Bone is acid washed in dilute HCl to isolate the bone protein, filtered, then gelatinised to remove contaminants.

Gelatin designated for AMS dating is then ultrafiltered to further purify the gelatin.

Marine shell samples are routinely etched with dilute HCl to minimise the possibility of contamination through isotopic exchange between the sample and its environment.

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